AG Raumbewältigung

What does Samuel Gerber deliver?


You want to know whether you have correctly understood your starting position or correctly formulated your goals.


You would like critical or creative input for your plans. At the end of the day, you want to know exactly what you are doing and with documentation.


You want evidence that everything works and is translated into reality. You want to see the desired results.

Construction trust

I represent your interests exclusively when developing and implementing your planning and construction projects.

Property valuation

You want to know what your property is worth and how it is evaluated.

Real estate transactions

You want to find new tenants quickly for your projects and properties, using modern tools (such as secure, electronic databases).


You expect your business in the meantime to be run consistent with your own ideas. I will also bring your project to our mutually-agreed goal.


You want your product to be known, desired and bought or rented.

Workshops and conferences

You want to promote a process in your team or create a consensus between external players and the parties involved.

Typically, who benefits from that?

Real estate owners, developers and managers, corporate management and boards of directors, city officials and administrations.