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«For me, Samuel Gerber means guaranteed quality, adherence to schedules and cost-effective solutions. On a personal level, it is a joy to work with him.»
Dr. Eric Honegger, delegate of the Board of Directors for Balgrist Campus AG,
letter of reference
«What I learned in the personal development and sales seminar with Dr. Samuel Gerber was how to improve the way I approach people in order to make an even more positive impact and systematically improve my success.»
Tanja Egli, Livit AG, Manager, Solothurn regional office
«Samuel Gerber provided me, as an adviser to a Turkish company, with professional, pleasant support in dealing with the due diligence and evaluation of a commercial building in English.»
Alfred Frank, Affoltern a.A.
«Samuel Gerber has already provided me with support on numerous occasions. I was very thankful as President of the Allgemeinen Baugenossenschaft Zürich (ABZ) for a clarification of the market, which he was able to deliver very quickly, and also as the moderator of a conference on construction economics on our innovation platform "Baugenossenschaft mehr als wohnen". His calm, humorous manner and systematic preparation contributed significantly to the event's success. I look forward to continued collaboration with him.»
Peter Schmid, President of ABZ and BG mehr als wohnen
«The teamwork with Samuel Gerber was most enjoyable and constructive. I look forward to my next project with him.»
Bruno Steiner, Project Manager, SpenglerPark Münchenstein, Credit Suisse Asset Management
«Working with Dr. Samuel Gerber advanced our Schlafhorst Business Park project in Mönchengladbach significantly. Our cooperation produced nothing less than a renaissance of the site, and is a fine example of today's approach of adapting obsolete industrial sites to contemporary use. A dramatic upward revaluation on this scale would have been impossible without Dr. Samuel Gerber's support and expertise.»
Josef Hellenbrand, President, Schlafhorst Businesspark, Mönchengladbach
«Samuel Gerber designed several excellent solutions for a clinic expansion for us under difficult economic and political circumstances (in Harare, Zimbabwe). His support on difficult legal and financial issues was highly professional. We are grateful to him for this superb achievement, which he donated to us without charge as a contribution to humanitarian assistance.»
Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, Swissaidscare, Harare, Zimbabwe
(left: Ambassador Marcel Stutz)
«Samuel Gerber has the courage to come up with unconventional solutions --again and again. He reaches the agreed-upon goal by proceeding quietly and systematically.»
Peter and Monique Regenass-Bucher, Motorex
«Samuel Gerber has creative, realistic ideas in connection with the creation of our Schlafhorst Business Park in Mönchengladbach and implements them systematically with a great of awareness of the local team and local circumstances. Real estate in general and cooperation with Samuel Gerber in particular have been one of the interpersonal highlights of recent years!»
Peter Stiefenhofer, CFO, Saurer Management AG, Winterthur
«Samuel Gerber's Penta standard house is the most frequently built single family house in Switzerland and he is the secret star of ready-to-wear architecture.»
Andreas Dietrich, NZZ Folio 5/04
«The distinguishing feature of our cooperation with Samuel Gerber was a practical, highly systematic approach to the problems, a solid awareness of the practical realities and an eye for essentials.»
Stefan Bangerter, Credit Suisse Asset Management
«I'm impressed by his competent, comprehensive approach in terms of the development of our industrial and commercial focus.»
Urban Kiefer, Haecky Holding AG, Reinach
«As project manager, Samuel Gerber contributed by transforming long-standing political differences over the development of the old town of Brugg into proven solutions through his systematic, inclusive approach.»
Rolf Alder, Mayor, Brugg
«One of Samuel Gerber's particular achievements has been to substantially enhance the value and character of the Livit brand name.»
Dominique P. Morax, VRP Livit Immobilien Management (until 2003)