AG Raumbewältigung

Wenn die Produktion geht, entstehen neue Arbeitsplätze.

Bürohochhaus und Gästecasino

Through a competition between teams of city planners, agents, advertisers and cost experts, we created the master plan for the development of an area of 145,000 m2 in the centre of Mönchengladbach. The competition was held with the involvement of the municipal authorities, tenants and business development.

The initial project sections of the master plan are now under construction and new rental agreements are being signed. Facility management and other services are being developed. The high-profile image of the location will be influential: it already hosts an international fair and the New Year's reception organized by the city of Mönchengladbach.

Saurer is now investing 10 million Euros in new construction and building conversions reflecting the company's commitment to this location. The aim is to sell the site with far-from-fully exploited potential to a real estate investor.

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