AG Raumbewältigung

Creative building with a 782% inflation rate.


A project was planned with minimal resources to maximize space, function and sensitivity. The clinic expansion concept focuses on a simple extension to the building, which forms a garden courtyard with the existing buildings. This courtyard is the real soul of the clinic. Many of the children arrive here, tired and hungry after walking for hours through the bush… and they find a world that is perceptibly intact. They enter the small garden and are suddenly aware of healthy colours and sounds. They wait with others like them. They are taken through rooms where they receive tender, loving care. When they leave the building at the other end, they find four large pots filled with paint. They dip the palms of their hands into the colour of their choice and leave their handprints behind on the high, whitewashed wall. They leave here, secure in the knowledge that they will live. This wall tells the story of the clinic.

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