AG Raumbewältigung

Ex-Spengler becomes «SpenglerPark».
A lasting update.

South view
What did the owners, tenants, municipalities, canton, users and neighbours want? Samuel Gerber included all the key advocates and stakeholders in the process. The basis of the work was a rigid structure for organisation, coordination and information. A strategy workshop with those directly and less directly involved made the scope of the task easier to gauge. Specialists in marketing, rental, facility management, neighbourhood planning, construction and investment knew the scenarios that could be worked on. The idea of a new neighbourhood plan, with its strict regulations and political risks, was abandoned. Positioning the building as an office and educational centre proved highly successful from a rental standpoint in a very tough market for commercial space. SpenglerPark has reawakened to new life. Samuel Gerber has turned the file over to the executives of Credit Suisse Real Estate Asset Management.

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